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Chara Under Swap Roblox. SS Chara SMS Game has a Shitpost s Racist Sans TheQuietKid the guy who streamed for whole days nonstop without content in it Mtcopter What the Oh so you are an UTM Veteran? Yes Reset will erase you from existance Fatal’s memes SS Shotgun.

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Phase 2 dodges 8 (papyrus) 3 (sans) 4 (ss chara) phase 2 is the same as phase 1 except for higher damage being able to kill sans chara papyrus and chara support being replaced with trio support trio support knives blue bones and.

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OverviewPhase 1Phase 2 (2300 Wins Required)Cross! Sans is an ordinary Sans in an AU that follows a different story from Undertale His soul is mixed with XChara giving him powers that an ordinary Sans wouldn’t have Music Cross Theme Map Under!swap Pacifist city Text under.

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Found Underswap sans Vs XTale Chara By SansWorks Studios Earn this Badge in UNDERVERSE Be Like.

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