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simple video and cheap way to do it it is just a funny thing so that is why i made this video.

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Take out the three sticks and one stick goes into the centre cell of the top row and the other sticks in the side and last cells of the middle row In the middle of the sticks you will place the piece of soul soil The wooden logs go into the bottom cells And once this is done your blue campfire will appear.


Start by building a base for the campfire Remember if you want to make parts thin then you will have to change the increment for Studio tools from 1.

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18 rowsA campfire is a heating device used to heat smelt and cook items The campfire smelts one item at a time and can only use one fuel at a time Wood coal and petrified petroleum can be used to fuel the campfire Unlike other heating devices it could previously only use wood as fuel instead of coal It can now use both.