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Makejoints Roblox. Creates a joint on the sides of the BaseParts in the Model &#39s children (or only the part if the method is used on a single part) that have a surface type that can make a joint with an adjacent part The following code would form joints in the model named &#39Car&#39 contained in the Workspace WorkspaceCarMakeJoints() Behavior of surface types.

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Here’s the script local button = scriptParent local model = scriptParentParent local opened = false local function openClose(trans cancoll bcol) buttonSoundPlay() buttonBrickColor = bcol modelDoorTransparency = trans modelDoorCanCollide = cancoll if cancoll == true then workspaceMakeJoints(workspaceFindPartsInRegion3(Region3new(modelthing1Position modelthing2Position))) end end.

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VehicleSeat The VehicleSeat objects welds a player to the seat when the player touches the seat It then forwards the movement keys to any connected motor joints allowing control of a vehicle While VehicleSeats are great for making simple vehicles they do have some limitations.

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This array is given as follows partMakeJoints( {part1 part2 part3}) Joints are broken if enough force is applied to them due to an Explosion unless a ForceField object is parented to the BasePart or ancestor Model For this reason they are often used to make simple destructible buildings and other models.

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Model MakeJoints This code sample demonstrates how joints can be made using the ModelMakeJoints function A model is instanced with two parts on top of each other The top part is anchored and the bottom part is not Normally when parented to the Workspace the bottom part would fall to the Baseplate.