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Roblox Egg Hunt 2021 Wikia. As of April 9 2021 the event is officially over First official event of 2021 the Easter Egg Hunt lasted six days from the 3rd of April to the 9th of the same month It was based around riddles exploring and collecting eggs that are scattered across all three seas The egg scroll was a paramount part of the event resembling a blueprint scroll although recolored to fit the.

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The 2021 Easter Egg Hunt was an event in Bubble Gum Simulator This event included 10 eggs scattered around the world in different locations The eggs were split into 4 difficulties 3 easy 3 medium 2 hard and 2 insane The rewards included Potions Boosts Pets and clues to help find eggs Cloud Egg Egg of Misdirection Sticker Egg Egg of Ocean Floor Store Egg Egg of.

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Egg Hunt 2021 is an upcoming event on Roblox This Event was announced on 12/18/2020 it will be another Dev Egg huntEgg Hunt 2021 Yolkified’ is an event that was announced earlier but is yet to be released Most users speculate that it will be similar to the other Roblox egg hunts Currently many games have badges that concern the egg hunt but none of those badges have.

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Egg Hunt 2021 Enchanted Eggos is an openworld Roblox game themed around collecting eggs The gameplay bears a resemblance to the classic Egg hunt style of play The game was developed primarily by Dev Boyos although a handful of users contributed via egg models egg designs and voice acting Incredible PC game bundle from $10.

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Egg hunt 2022 is the sequel to egg hunt 2021 with 83 eggs made by devs against UGC Story After Green271 exposed antlerstophatviking he was sent to jail for 2 years after that he was sent back home and seeking revenge on green he hacks the mainframe of Roblox servers and spreads 84 eggs now the robloxians must collect them all! good luck! Eggs Known eggs are doom.

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Roblox Egg Hunt 2021 will launch over the Easter period The Roblox Egg Hunt 2021 release date could be as soon as tomorrow March 30 The Easter celebration usually lasts for three weeks which could indicate a Roblox Egg Hunt 2021 end date of April 20 Last year’s event launched on the Tuesday before Easter Sunday.