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The Dream Man Scp Roblox. NTF (Nine tailed fox) KeyCards SCP999 SCPs ROBLOX Containment Breach Wikia SCP096 SCP106 SCP049 SCP682.

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990 dreamman gfx scp roblox scpfoundation securecontainprotect robloxart scp990 robloxgfx robloxcharacter thedreamman keterscp glowingeye SCP990 also known as the Dream Man is a Keterlevel SCP that is yet to be contained due to his nature He is a hu.

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The Dream Man By @MiniToon Earn this Badge in SCP Containment Breach You met The Dream Man.

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OverviewDescriptionEvent99007If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material you are free to view this page Otherwise you should close this page and view another page Artist&#39s depiction of SCP990 SCP990 never appears in real life thus far Instead he appears to SCP Foundation personnel through dreams predicting several events in a scale from bad to worse from the deaths of certain personnel to a doomsday event that would cause the destruction of the world all of which came true or nearly come true before the MTF were sent to avert them He outlined the scenes in the dreams and showed them to the said person For now there are no reports that SCP990 In an event later known as event99007 an agent from the Foundation fell asleep and slept for over 40 hours failing to report for duty at his assigned time He then awakened in a highly agitated state running through the facility and yelling loudly about “the end of the world” Later the agent was heavily sedated to be calmed down In spite of this all of this agent&#39s bodily functions remained in a dangerously accelerated state His heart rate increased and his blood pressure was high The Video Duration 2 min.

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A loading screen when the round starts can display a rare message from SCP990 in which the text is several characters moving at once SCP990 and SCP0241 have similar appearances in clothing which may be The Clothing Tie and face InGame when meeting SCP990 you will earn 5000 Points and you will receive The Dream Man Badge If you.

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Many people have wondered about this guy for a while now And yes youcan actually get to hear him after entering certain Map SeedsSadly the only one I fou Video Duration 56 secViews 603KAuthor Serimah.