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Tweenservice Causing Lag Roblox. I want to create the tween in a client script then replicate to other clients I already have a script that works in the server but if I create the effects in the server then it will cause lag and overload it so I’m trying to create them in a client script.

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Link to Pastebin! http//pastebincom/raw/zWy20LuDLeave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already! http//bitly/2937fG2Check ouMissing tweenserviceMust include.

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The looped effect is achieved by modifying the TweenInfo used in TweenServiceCreate Specifically when RepeatCount is set to be less than 0 the tween will play indefinitely Also setting Reverses to true will cause the tween to play in reverse once it has reached it’s destination In combination this creates a looped effect.

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The thing that causes lag in Phantom Forces is the creation of “fastClusters” which combines several geometries together so that they require only a single draw call This should make ROBLOX faster and in most cases it does But Phantom Forces is a very dynamic ROBLOX game with many thousands of custom environment updates every secondMissing tweenserviceMust include.

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The Create function of TweenService creates a new Tween The function takes three arguments the object to tween the datatype/TweenInfo to use and a table containing the properties to tween and the values to tween to Tweens are used to interpolate the properties of instances These can be used to create animations for various Roblox objects.