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Un Mounted Turret Roblox. After a long time of googling CFrames I get this so far I’m still trying to make the barrel spin and someone is going to help me make it shoot Is this FE?.

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The Arc Turret is a placeable weapon in the Military section It automatically attacks enemy players within a close radius with electric bolts of Iridium It can hit players through obstacles It uses 30 Iridium per shot dealing HP per hit and causing an unarmored player to be killed in 5 hits An Arc Turret can be used to destroy nearby Satchel Charges placed by enemies Deals a highMissing robloxMust include.


Equipment are supporting tools that can help players in heists There are currently 6 equipment items that can be deployed by holding the “G” button after masking up Each heister can only hold 1 piece of equipment except when using the Jack of All Trades skill which lets a user hold both Sentry Guns and Trip Mines All Equipment have no detection risk meaning they won’t increase.

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Turrets are semiautomated weapons and utility tools found on Ships (Including NPCs like Pirates and Aliens ) Planets and Starbases Below is a list of Turrets and all of their stats The stats are kept uptodate with the game files and should be mostly or completely correct Lasers deal significant damage against Shields while Cannons.

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The Neptune is a steamdriven ironclad warship with an enormous health pool full casemate providing crew protection a single point of entry and the ability to mount a size 10 turret allowing the Neptune to carry one of several unique and powerful cannons The Neptune’s alliron hull makes it extremely tough Press E to toggle steam engine on and off Requires coal to run.

Turret Only Sometimes Works Scripting Support Roblox Developer Forum

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